Free Stuff

10 Colorful Witches for Halloween   “> Put some color and fun into your Halloween projects this year with these colorful ladies! This freebie pack includes 10 separate .png files of witches of all different colors, riding their brooms with stars under them and all around them. Great for digital […]

Free Stuff for October

15 Images of Antique Furniture   A pack of antique furniture, for your scrapbooking, card making, or digital projects. Not all are shown in the preview, and don’t include the drop shadow effect you see above. Featuring beautiful winged armchairs and sofas, 19th century four poster bed, art nouveau dressing […]

Free Stuff for September

60 Decorative Elements   A set 60 individual decorative elements for either online or offline printed craft projects, including round jewels, decorations, scales and stars. (Not all are shown in the preview image above). These were the result of me just experimenting with the various fonts and Photoshop styles I […]

Free Stuff for August

8 Glitter Happy Birthday Banners   A set 8 of multi-colored Happy Birthday banners in glitter, which would be ideal for birthday card prints, scrapbook work, birthday party invitations, digital art and more. Have fun! Please see the TOS included in the zip file for more information on their use […]

Free Stuff for July

14 Glitter Unicorns   A glittering, shiny set of 14 colorful glitter unicorns. (Plese note that not all are shown in the preview above due to space constraints). These sparkly unicorn images can be used in whatever way you wish, whether for personal or commercial use. For instance, they’d make […]

Free Stuff for June

8 Digital Papers   More freebies! This zip file contains a collection of 8 digital papers (all created at 300 ppi) which would be suitable for printed invitations, general stationery items, scrapbooking, or for whatever you can use them for. All are royalty-free and can be used for commercial work […]

Free Stuff for May

Flamingos and Ferns   Here’s some more free stuff! This is a gorgeous tropical collection of flamingos and ferns. Suitable for just about anything. These are royalty-free for graphic artists (or for anyone). All are created at 300 ppi. Overall there are 18 separate images: 12 separate fern images and […]

Free Stuff for April

Nine Golden Metallic Elements   Free stuff for graphic artists (or for anyone). A gorgeous, shiny set of metallic golden elements for your projects. All are over 1500 x 1500 in size, and rendered at 300 ppi. They would make great decorations for wedding invitations, decorative stationery….just about anything you […]

Free Stuff for March

Colorful Roses, Cute Kittens, Gladiolus and Decorative Metal Elements    Goodies for graphic artists (or for anyone). Just click on the image to download the file. They can be used freely for whatever project you wish (even commercial ones).  Backgrounds aren’t included. Please see the Read Me in the zip […]

Free Stuff for February

Decorative Seamless Tiles   Here are some free patterns which can be used for a wide range of projects, including commercial work. All are in png format and are saved at 300 ppi. I make my own patterns very large, so these are similar. You may need to re-size these […]

Free Stuff for January