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Beautiful crystal-encrusted phone cases…


Did you know that there are REAL crystal phone cases at Zazzle? Sure, there are literally thousands of glitter and bling cases for several models of the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and more but you’ll find the majority of these are printed images on the phone cases themselves. While the quality of these images still make your phone look great (I should know as I create them myself!) they still aren’t the real thing. However if you dig a little deeper at Zazzle, you’ll find actual, gorgeous crystal-encrusted phone cases for all recent phone models.

They’re made by Rangsee Crystal Cases and they’re absolutely gorgeous! All of the cases are made in PU-leather and the crystals themselves are recessed into the material rather than just stuck on. I’ve had the ‘stuck on’ version of phone cases on several of my phones over the years, and we all know they will shed after a while. There’s nothing more annoying than having the crystals peel off one by one, and certainly not a good look for your phone, either. But with having the crystals embedded into the cases themselves, this won’t happen. Rangsee Crystal Cases also offer a choice of several different types of crystals including clear crystals, rose gold crystals, rhinestones, topaz, black diamond crystals and more. And, to top it all off, each case is presented in a very classy velvet/silk pouch bag. So, if you’re looking for some quality sparkle and shine for your phone, you can check them out below. I should point out, these are only a small sample available, to check out their full range check out their entire store at Zazzle, where you can also read the reviews.

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