Free Stuff for January

Decorative Seamless Tiles


Here are some free patterns which can be used for a wide range of projects, including commercial work. All are in png format and are saved at 300 ppi. I make my own patterns very large, so these are similar. You may need to re-size these in order to make them smaller for your own purposes. Either just open the original file in your graphics program and resize in there, or to use in Photoshop, open them up and then go to Edit>Define Pattern. Open your new document, and then go to Layer>New fill layer>Pattern. Click OK and then choose the new pattern from the drop down box which shows the preview of the last pattern you used. Next, use the scale slider to change the size, and you’re good to go.


TO DOWNLOAD: Just click on the image itself. They can be used freely for whatever project you wish (even commercial ones), as long as you don’t attempt to sell in their original form, or claim ownership of the original files. Please see the Read Me file for more details.

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