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F R E E B I E    T U B E S

To celebrate my new T-shirts and Gifts blog, I'm now giving complete tube sets away as freebies! If you'd like an entire tube collection of your choice for free (you can check them out right here), it's simple! All you have to do 'Like' my new T-shirt and gift blog on Facebook, which you'll find right here: Graphic Allusions T-Shirts and Gifts, send me an email straight away with the name of the tube collection you'd like sent to you for free, and I'll send it on to you. Please note, this is NOT the same Facebook page as the one above at the top of the page which is just for the tubes, this is the T-shirts and Gifts Facebook fan page. Thank you for participating, and enjoy your freebies! :)

To download a freebie, just click on an image. Want more great tubes like these freebies below? If you'd like 24/7 access to almost 10,000 more images like these, check out the Subscription Area, and the new Fixed Term Membership Area from only $2.50 a month!!**
 ** When a 12-monthly subscription is purchased @ $29.99. i.e. $29.99 ÷ 12 = $2.50